Who are we?

ÇAKIR METAL, which has been dealing with hot iron processing and hot blacksmithing for 5 generations, started the production of agricultural tools in 1989 and concentrated its production on CULTIVATOR. and with its rich experience, ÇAKIR METAL, which aims to produce high-quality cultivators and spare parts, has proven its success in this regard. Continuing its work without compromising on quality production, ÇAKIR METAL has taken its quality production even further with the rolling mill it has put into operation in 1996. It also manufactures its own molds with its own mold workshop. At every stage of production, materials are hardened and their strength is increased by using special heat treatment methods. ÇAKIR METAL believes that the biggest competition is quality and customer satisfaction. ÇAKIR METAL develops its processes with a focus on quality and customers and continues its production by performing quality control at every stage of production. ÇAKIR METAL, which still continues its production in an area of 2.000 m², is growing day by day and  By developing new projects and constantly increasing the quality of its production, it has adopted the principle of bringing the concept of quality to mind wherever its name is mentioned.
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our vision

Our company, which believes that the expansion of the industry in Anatolia is essential for the healthy development of the country, continues its activities with this vision.

Our Mission

Our company, which believes that the spread of the industry in Anatolia is essential for the healthy development of the country, aims to work with a customer-oriented approach in this vision, by developing its products; In order to better respond to customer requests and to reach its goals in continuous Research and development activities.

Our principles

Our company, which prioritizes the interests of the customer first, then the individual, company and country, will continue to work with this principle.

Our Goals

In addition to taking a more active role in the domestic market, our company will work intensively to take place in the foreign market. Being an effective and reputable brand will be our top priority.

Why should you choose Çakır Tarım?

In addition to preserving the existing customer capacity, our companies most important goal is to gain more market share as a leader in the field of agricultural machinery and to bring the concept of quality to mind wherever our company’s name is mentioned by supporting and providing solutions for all our new customers. For this purpose, we will provide customer satisfaction and continuously improve ourselves by providing service at a level that meets the needs and expectations of our customers.

Our certificates

Chairman's Message

producing new projects; Quality and customer-oriented manufacturing is an indispensable goal for our company. we at Çakır Tarım always prioritize quality and carry out our production on customer satisfaction In order to provide better manufacturing to our customers, we also aim to identify and define all customers, including potential customers, to provide our important product and manufacturing characteristics for customers and end-users, to evaluate competition in the market, to identify opportunities, weak and strong points and to provide specialization and unique experience to our customers. Our company will continue on its way by adopting assertiveness and success as a principle in an innovative trend that is active, knows, and loves its job. and we definitely; believe that success will be achieved with customer satisfaction.


Ongoing Since

We offer you the rich experience that we have accumulated over many years.



Many references that appeal to your trust and confidence.



Our priority is always the satisfaction of our valued customers.



The fact that we stand behind every project we do has contributed greatly to us being a pioneer in the sector.

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